Hills’ Declassified School Survival Guide

I’m a sophomore girl and I still don’t know my place or where I fit in at this school. How do I find a place to fit in?

849 students, 45 lunch tables, 36 weekends, 72 parties, 1 you. But where do you belong? If you’re asking yourself this question: you are not alone.

I have been there… feeling as if you have no one to turn to and no place to fit in. And despite standing in the middle of a rush of people in the hallway, you feel as if you are standing alone. You know everyone’s name and everyone’s face and there is no way there is someone out there who understands, right? Wrong.

Little do you know that the girl sitting next to you in English may someday be the one staying up with you, laughing until 2:00 a.m. Little do you know that the boy in the grade above you may someday be the first one you text in the morning and last person you talk to at night. You know very little about the people you pass in the hallway; they may be strangers now, just as they were to me as I stood in your shoes. But soon they will change from the people you did not know existed to the people whose existence means the world to you.

Life has its own way of figuring itself out. Your people are out there. So when you’re feeling alone in the hallway, keep walking. You never know who you might bump into.