Pascack Period

Pascack Hills has never been the high school to keep things ordinary. We were one of the first schools to give each student a laptop, we tried the tri-state’s first virtual school day, and now we have completely changed our bell schedule. With a new schedule comes a new part referred to as the Pascack Period. The Pascack Period is 88 minutes long, every Wednesday, and it allows students to take and learn a variety of classes, discuss with their teachers, and complete homework or projects.

This new addition to our schedule is the perfect way to allow students to relieve their stress. Students are able to take learn to learn classes that range from math SAT to yoga! The classes also allow students to broaden their knowledge and try something new outside of their regularly academic classes. Students are also able to see their teachers for extra help, which is great for students who cannot get to school early or stay after school. Students also have the chance to complete any work that was assigned that week in order to stay on task.

For me, the Pascack Period has been a great way to handle stress. I can complete practically all the homework for that week, study for tests, and talk to teachers whenever I need to. I am also taking a learn to learn SAT math class which helps me prepare for the upcoming SATs. The Pascack Period can be beneficial to students, but it depends on how wisely they use the given time. Students can use this tool to help them advance in their learning career, or they can use it as a time to relax and escape from their intense schedule. It is all up to the student. What I’ve learned from my three years at Pascack Hills is to delegate your time wisely. You can get anything and everything done if you make time for it. And now, PHHS has scheduled a time each week for you to do just that!