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Reporting with Hills Pride

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Reporting with Hills Pride

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New Year’s Resolutions: DOs and DON’Ts

Five New Year’s Resolutions you couldn’t manage to keep in years past. Here is how you can actually stick to those same resolutions in 2015:

1. Spend More Time with Friends and Family

Don’t: Plan for family game night every Friday night, or plan to hang out with friends every weekend. Life happens and new plans and responsibilities come up. Before you know it, your resolution will be ruined and you will abandon it altogether.

Do: Try to eat dinner with your family more often. Plan a family night or a new and exciting get-together with friends once a month. Planning more occasional activities that are different from the norm will make them more enjoyable.

2. Focus More on Schoolwork

Don’t: Try to dedicate every waking moment to studying and working on homework.

Do: Try to manage your time better. Even making a calendar for the week will keep you on top of your schoolwork. Try setting aside some time during the weekend just to review some of the material you were unsure about in preparation for the following week.

3. Exercise and Eat Right

Don’t: Immediately follow a strict and healthy diet (boring), and decide to workout for two hours every day at Lifetime (who has time for that?)

Do: Try to incorporate healthy foods into your current diet, and begin replacing greasy snacks with fruits and veggies. For exercise, start by planning on going to the gym once a week or even every two weeks. Maybe try something new and sign up for a dance or Zumba class. And, always take the stairs!

4. Stay Organized

Don’t: Buy dozens of folders for each and every paper you own, or completely redecorate your room according to your new, “organized” habits. Old habits die hard.

Do: Keep a brief and simple checklist in your room, on your phone, or on your laptop. Be aware of where your things are, and of what you need to do.

5. Keep a Positive Attitude

Don’t: Complain about having to stay positive.

Do: Look on the bright side. A new year means new opportunities, so start each day with a smile!

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