How to Deal with Failing your Midterms

We’ve all been there. The nights of cramming and cussing (and crying) didn’t give you the results you wanted on your midterms. The test snuck up on you like it inevitably does, and now, you’re dealing with the consequences. Fear no more.

The quickest way to feel better about what you got on your test is to lie to yourself, and to any nosy person who is begging to know what you scored. Turn that 55 into a 65, and that 89 into a 93. Say it out loud enough times, and you just might to start to believe it.

The next step is to justify your grade. Ask around to see what others in the class got, and see if anyone else in the same situation. Failing with half the class looks better than being a lone wolf.

If you’re anything like me, you are going to BEG for a class curve. Rally up the troops and collectively ask the teacher of the possibility of curving the test. Even if it doesn’t make the biggest difference, you’ll feel better with even a small victory. There is strength in numbers!

Be sure to double-check your graded tests! There is always a possibility that you marked a Scantron wrong or that a teacher slipped up while grading. This is the most satisfying way to get points back, and it happens all the time. If you think the teacher missed something, however unlikely, go for it.

Celebrate there is a high chance the content on the midterm will not resurface on the final. Midterms are a good time to put in your best effort, and then get a fresh start in the next marking period.

There is always the option of hiding your midterm, though this method is not recommended. This can keep you safe for the time being, but there is no hiding forever. Remember that midterm and final exam grades show up on the end of the year report card. If you’re willing to risk it, go for it, though it will most likely come back to bite you.

At the end of the day, one test is one test. Get a jump-start on the new marking period, and don’t stress.