‘Spring’ Into 2015’s Trends


As this brutal winter creeps away, people are welcoming the slowly approaching warm weather with open arms. Not only is the warmer weather much more enjoyable, but it also gives people the opportunity to spice up their school attire with a brand new wardrobe. Ladies, instead of getting in trouble by administration this spring because of scandalous and not-school-appropriate attire, slip into these casual spring trends and ease through your school day comfortably and in style.

These spring trends are not focused on showing a lot of skin, but are instead focused on dressing comfortably. Instead of slipping into shorts that are too short or squeezing into shirts that are too tight, dress appropriately and effortlessly with the latest trends.

A lot of magazines this year focus on minimalism, which means that the focus is on wearing the most basic forms of clothing. This trend, however, isn’t a means for you to dull your style. Rather, it is the perfect opportunity to spice up your look with accessories. Your best friend this season, regarding accessories, will be everything turquoise. It is this season’s hottest color and goes with practically anything. Your colorful accessories will compliment any pastel or even neutral shirt that you throw on in the morning.

Dressing up from head to toe will be a breeze this season. Some of the most popular stores (Urban Outfitters, Zara, Forever 21, J-Crew, H&M, etc.) are flaunting baggy, loose shorts so that fashion and comfort can become one. The shorts appear to be made out of a cross between a sweatpants material and a cotton blend; it will feel like you never changed out of your sweatpants! When it comes to these shorts, have fun! Look for colorful and vibrant patterns to add to your wardrobe.

As far as t-shirts and tops go, you’ll see plenty of pastels and bright “springy” colors. Plenty of magazines are showing that on chillier days, flannels will be in fashion. On warmer days, however, flannels tied around the waist will be the way to go.

The trends this spring are some of the easiest so far to keep up with because you can look fashionable while also being comfortable; it’s the best of both worlds! Plenty of girls are going to be staying casual and chic this season because of these easy-to-achieve trends.