Everyone knows that there are unwritten rules of Instagram, but not everyone knows them. With social media being a large piece of our high school lives, it is important for everyone to be on the same page as far as what the Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram really are:



  • Be consistent: don’t drop off the face of social media and leave your followers wondering
  • Post pictures you like, not what will get you ‘the most likes’: who cares what people think. After all, it is your profile
  • Use witty and useful hash tags: use hash tags that will make your post memorable and put a smile on your follower’s faces
  • Geo-Tag places that you take a picture: who knows, you may post an awesome picture that makes people want to go there.



  • Do not post a million times a day: it’s important to find the perfect balance as far as posting goes, no one wants spam on their timeline.
  • Don’t be afraid to be creative: if you think a picture is cool/different post it!
  • Don’t abuse filters: people want to see you- not a totally photo shopped version of yourself
  • Don’t worry about posting too many food pictures: let’s be real, a foodie pic always puts a smile on people’s faces, as well as making them hungry.


Abide by these little pieces of advice and you will have a killer Instagram account. Most importantly, happy posting!