From November 1st to January 1st


Seniors, November 1st has passed, and you feel as if the world has lifted off of your shoulders. Here at Pascack Hills, a wave of relief flows through the hallways and classrooms. You feel as if there is nothing left to do but wait for that impending response, the one that will change your life forever.

Or is there? Don’t let senioritis get the best of you quite yet. While I congratulate you on the monumental task you have just completed, there are still many more ahead. Whether all of your applications were submitted on Sunday, or none, there is still much to be done.

For those of you who have not submitted any early applications, January 1st is (most likely) your deadline. Although it may seem far away, the next two months will be filled with celebrations, holidays, and vacations. If you don’t want to spend your Thanksgiving dinner staring at the computer screen, or tear away wrapping paper while filling out FAFSA forms, then I highly suggest getting a head start now. Make a schedule for yourself, and plan out when to give yourself breaks and when to get down to business.

If you submitted all of your applications early, congratulations! However, don’t start slacking off in school. Although you may have submitted everything, the guidance office will be sending out those mid-year reports – and you don’t want schools to see that “A” drop to a “D.” Keep working as if you’re still an applicant, because in reality, you are.

If you live in a world of early and regular applications, like I currently do, you need to find balance. Be diligent with your schoolwork, but don’t leave your college requirements behind. Make your schedule just like you had before; it may be tempting to stray from it because you have been given the confidence booster of completed applications. But the worst outcome could be the shock you receive on December 20th, when you realize you have held off all of your applications until then.

Seniors, it will all be over soon, that I can promise. But, to make the journey to January 1st much less stressful, time management is key. Stay focused on your classwork, but also keep in mind that applications are still looming overhead and that their deadlines are not as far away as you may think. You have 61 days; make the most of them.