“I’m Positive” That You Should Have Seen Legally Blonde


Grace Johnson as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde

Editor’s Note: This is an opinion editorial

Having gone to Pascack Hills plays since I was in 6th grade, let me just say, this is the best production I have ever seen Hills put on!

As the story goes, a young Elle Woods, played by Grace Johnson, chases after her lost love, Warner Huntington III played by Daniel Zak, all the way to Harvard Law School, where he has already fell in love with Elle’s new rival Vivienne Kensington, played by Nuala Cleary. There, Elle meets Emmet Forrest, played by Grady Johnson, who becomes not only her dear friend, but new love interest. Along the way, Elle consults with her trusted hair stylist, Paulette Bonafonte, played by Logan Harris, and by the end of the show Elle Woods becomes something that no one ever saw coming; a well respected lawyer and the Valedictorian of her graduating class.

Grace Johnson tore up the stage as Elle. Not only were her vocals out of this world, but her connection and dedication to her character took over the stage. Fun fact; she even dyed her hair blonde in preparation for the show! Elle’s spirits were high through the whole show, no matter what boy drama she was enduring, thanks to her Greek chorus of Delta Nu girls, made up of Cali Molinelli, Grace Liriano, and Elisa Falanga. Both her girls and her adorable pup, Bruiser, had her back. The dog who played Bruiser was actually in the Broadway rendition of the play!

Grady Johnson starred as Emmet Forrest. He was Elle’s shoulder to lean on, her go-to-man. Who knows if she would have made it through law school without him. They fell in love after studying together, attending classes, and conquering Professor Callahan’s internship. Not only was Grady a pro when it came to everything law, but his vocals were unbelievable throughout the whole show. Aside from slaying his role as the male-lead, during the song Bend and Snap, Grady took the stage as a hunky frat boy; in my opinion, it was one of the comedic highlights of the show.

Daniel Zak and Nuala Cleary, as Warner and Vivienne, were the ultimate dynamic duo of the show when they were trying to take down Elle Woods at Harvard Law. However, after some twists and turns, Elle and Vivienne become BFFs because #girlpower and poor Warner is left, single and regretful in the dust. When Nuala opened her mouth, everyone in the audience’s jaws dropped because of the command, control, and talent that she released with every note.

Speaking of girls who can sing… Wow! Have you heard Logan Harris? If not, you’re missing out. She took the stage as Paulette, a hysterical and lovable hair stylist that the crowd grew to know and love. I could not have imagined a better girl to play this role; the play would not have been the same if it was not for Logan’s outstanding performance.

Not only was the cast superb, but so was the crew. The set was stunning, transporting the audience to every scene. Now, none of this would have been possible without all the help and dedication that the new director, Peter Fournier, put forth. Considering this was his first show at Hills, it is safe to say that Pascack Hills Theater has an extremely bright future ahead.

A standing ovation to all those who were apart of the amazing production of Legally Blonde. All of your hard work paid off; it was truly an astounding show!