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Editor’s Note: the following is an opinion-editorial piece:


Time is ticking, and the hands won’t wait for the impending choices I have to make. But with March coming to a close, why do I feel so rushed to make the biggest decision of my life thus far?

The glorification of college admissions has without a doubt increased the pressure for students to make choices far in advance of the deadline. Every time I open up Facebook, I see dozens of my peers who have committed to schools. They are decked out in school spirit, sporting their new favorite colors, and being brought baked goods by the container in celebration of their decision.

Likewise, the Class of 2016 fundraiser to personalize and gift College Cookies has stirred a bit of “decision-making” controversy. With a deadline to order that is before May 1st, many students feel this only adds pressure to their timeline. Not only do peers who have committed surround them, but also now they feel they must follow in their footsteps and possibly make a rash decision.

As I write this article, I have not even heard from all of my schools. By Friday, all acceptances, denials, waitlists, and more, will land in my lap and the choice will be mine to make. From April 1st to May 1st, I will have thirty days to contemplate my future, creating endless lists of pros and cons, dos and don’ts, and finally decide.

Thirty days is not a long time, but I feel as though students today rush to make their choice. And as a result, seniors like myself feel they must make a decision sooner rather than later, simply to stay up-to-date with the rest of their grade. Social media has heightened the anxiety of choosing a school. Now everyone knows immediately, and the constant nagging of questions and thoughts has grown tremendously. All people ask you is, “Have you committed yet?”

My response: Get back to me on May 1.