Carbonated Face Masks Growing on the Faces of Many

By Sofia Papadopoulos

The mask grows in size after application, as illustrated above. Photo By Elizabeth Mott.

The mask grows in size after application, as illustrated above. Photo By Elizabeth Mott.

Creamy, boring face masks are the way of the past. Now, carbonated facemasks are the way of life; from the moment of application, the product increases in size and bubbles up, all so that your skin can look clean and smooth.

Elizabeth Mott’s One Bad Motha’foamer Cruelty Free Face Mask is meant to allow for smoother, brighter, healthier, and deeper cleansed skin. With white kaolin clay to exfoliate, charcoal to detox, and natural foam infused with carbonation to bring out skin’s glow, the mask promises almost everything one may want walking into the summer season.

The mask is perfect for all who want to have a fun time while deep cleaning pores. It a fun mask, but also performs well; after one use, visible changes are made. One rubs the bubbles into their skin and wipes product off, to find a glowing complexion.

The winter has dulled down everyone’s skin and clogged it with dirt, making this mask a great option for those wanting to clear up their skin before summer trips.

Freshman Kiera Bellmer said, “The carbonated masks tickled my face after having it on for a few minutes and made me want to itch my face, but I couldn’t. Overall, it was a fun experience, even with the itching.”

Personally, after using the mask, my skin “purged” about a day after. My skin severely purged causing whiteheads on my forehead, which had not happened with any other product. Other than the two day purge, my skin ended up glowing and clearing up three days after use.

The experience itself warrants everyone to pay the $12-24 , depending on the website. Using Amazon Prime, one can pay $12 for a product that will be on the doorstep in two days and clear your skin by four.

Overall Review → ⅗