Adidas Superstars: Trendy or Overrated?

Sofia Papadopoulos and her group of friends all wearing their Adidas Superstars. 
Photo by: Sofia Papadopoulos

Sofia Papadopoulos and her group of friends all wearing their Adidas Superstars. Photo by: Sofia Papadopoulos

The trend began slowly but surely. Hallways that were once filled with the colors of the rainbow began to melt into the monotone sea of white and black. The Adidas Superstars trend was, and still is, impacting the wardrobe decisions of the students at Pascack Hills.

Adidas Superstars were manufactured by its company in 1969, originally created as a pair of basketball shoes. Its innovative design – with its rubber top and leather upper – immediately grabbed the attention of various basketball stars, including Kareem Abdul Jabbar, bringing the shoe from the NBA to the streets.

Increasing in popularity in the 80s, Adidas Superstars became an icon of casualwear and a staple in “street style.” Although the trend died down in the late 90s and 2000s in competition with Converse, by 2015, Germany’s worst performing company in 2014 became one of the leading businesses in the fashion industry. It was as though everyone remembered the reason why Superstars were so popular to begin with; their comfort, their style, and their versatility.

“I basically live in my superstars because they’re the most comfortable shoes I own and the colors match everything,” says sophomore Sofia Papadopoulos, as she references her own Superstars. “People say they get dirty easily, but I honestly like this look a lot better, when they’re a bit worn-down.”

However, there are others who have not succumbed to the trend and believe that Superstars should not be praised as much as they are.

Hanna Kimball, junior, states, “I don’t like Adidas Superstars and I am a true Converse supporter, I always have been. Honestly, I don’t even love the idea of white shoes in general.”

The controversy not only touches the students of Pascack Hills, but the teachers as well. While most do not wear them to school, many teachers have their own pair of sparkling white Superstars in their closet just the same.

It seems as though no matter what age or position, the trend of Adidas Superstars have reached out to all corners. Even through social media, celebrities are seen wearing their Superstars, whether it be dressed up or dressed down, making the product even more relatable.

Personally, as a lover of simplicity, I find the Adidas Superstars extremely cleancut. Snug and straightforward, the shoe does seem to match with every outfit, from babydoll dresses to jeans and a T-shirt, from summer to winter. While being a fashion forward product, Superstars are durable for outside activities as well as a convenient go-to when lounging. Yet, at the same time, I do find the craze a bit mundane; I don’t adore the fact I’m wearing the same exact shoe as every other girl in the school. Fashion, to me, is a personal expression and being basic is the complete opposite of my interpretation of “fashion.” While Superstars have exceeded in both the market and its design, I have found other styles from Adidas just as comfortable, and just as versatile.

Settling the verdict, Kimball says, “I don’t get why every single girl in this school wears them, but if they think they’re comfortable and they like them, it’s their choice – wear them!”