Netflix: What’s Leaving…Besides Me


Photo Credit: Jolie Newman The screen where you can check the availability of your favorite shows on Netflix.

There’s nothing better than coming home after a long, hard school week and binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix. Whether you’re sipping tea, munching on popcorn, or just simply watching, Netflix is wonderful.

However, what if you discovered that your favorite show was being taken off of Netflix? Suddenly, the peaceful sport of binge-watching turns into a difficult, stressful sport like football. After seeing the imminent date that your favorite show is being removed on through social media, you will quickly open the calculator app and figure out the most difficult equation of all- how many episodes will you have to watch per day to finish your show.

Recently, it has come to many’s attention that Netflix plans on removing a plentiful of popular movies and television shows; the removals of these shows are taking place both long and short term.

Pascack Hills student, Alexa Tarabocchia, said that Netflix was taking away all the “good shows” and keeping less popular ones.

If you’re planning on starting popular shows like How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) – don’t start now – it’s too late. HIMYM is planned to have all nine seasons removed on November 13.

“I love binge-watching TV shows on Netflix and half of the ones I have found to love are being removed,” said sophomore Annika Patel. “And Netflix is keeping the ones that aren’t as interesting and harder to get addicted to.”

Also, if you were in the middle of watching shows such as Prison Break, Bones, or One Tree Hill but took a quick break to watch a different show, then I hope the other show was worth it; the shows listed above were already removed.

“All I want to do is go home and watch Friday Night Lights, but can I? No. Netflix took away this privilege and I’m not buying the series,” stated another Hills student Sofia Papadopoulos.

Back in October of 2016, I was shocked when I found that the show Psych was no longer on my “continue watching” list. Not even a minute later, I acknowledged that I will never, ever finish Psych. That was one of the worst realizations of my life.

Of course, you could purchase episodes on iTunes, but that’s way too expensive. It costs three dollars an episode, making Netflix charges of “ ten dollars per month” seem like a gift from the heavens bestowed upon the human race.

Furthermore, in 2019, all Disney movies will be removed from Netflix. While there is time left, I don’t think I will ever be ready for 2019.

As of right now, Netflix has some pretty iconic movies on Netflix, including High School Musical and Mulan. Of course, some movies like Moana and Zootopia are also on Netflix, but they’re on the newer side.

“I’m annoyed that Netflix decided to take off certain shows and all Disney movies because the younger generation will not be able to watch the same things our generation grew up with,” said Jadyn Sullivan. “My younger sister has not seen some of the classic Disney movies we knew as kids. By removing them, it doesn’t give the younger generation a chance to see these movies.”

As much as all these removals (both confirmed and planned) are disappointing, Netflix is adding new shows as well. However, I find that the only real notable addition to be season two of Stranger Things, a Netflix original series, and everything else to be irrelevant.

On top of everything, Netflix has also had the audacity to raise its prices on Oct. 19; subscribers on the Premium Plan will have to pay $13.99, rather than $11.99. Members on the Standard Plan should expect to pay $10.99 monthly, as opposed to $9.99, though the Basic Plan will not be affected by this change that took place. In simpler words: users are now paying more money to have a lesser amount of choices and watch lesser amount of shows.

Therefore, do yourself a favor and search if your favorite shows are being removed or not, in order to save your future feelings and monthly bills.