Declining Style at Pascack Hills

Sofia Papadopoulos and her group of friends all wearing their Adidas Superstars. Photo by: Sofia Papadopoulos

Sofia Papadopoulos and her group of friends all wearing their Adidas Superstars. Photo by: Sofia Papadopoulos

Sierra Boffa

When it comes to something like style, everyone should have their own type. However in recent years the Hills community has seemed to gradually lose its sense of individuality and many kids are spotted wearing the same non uniform – uniform.

Trends can only go so far before they compromise individuality in the fashion world. Vests- college crewnecks and black leggings have been taken full swing from the months November to April. To make matters worse, the ugg boots and adidas super shoes have been in style for for the third year running.

“All the girls dress the same,” Freshman Alex Lopez adds.

Girls, if the boys are noticing it now- we know it’s a problem.

When our parents were in schools- trends such as skirts, thick headbands and other terms of dressing up for school took president. Now casual, comfortable and looking all the same seems to be the move.

“ We dress comfortable because we want to and we can. Also- it’s like…kinda weird to try hard in school.” Sophomore Jacqui Zariello looks to add.

As studied and known – the average high school student tries to avoid standing out- for fear of being not as “normal” as everyone else. If someone puts work into their appearance- they are weird or being what teens like to coin, “a try hard.”

When Junior Ilyssa Siegel was asked her opinion on the matter- she had much to reply. “If all my friends are dressing nice or like say wearing a certain thing (ex. shorts) I’m going to want to do the same. It makes me look like a slob if I don’t, ya know? But also on the other side if all my friends are wearing black leggings and a sweatshirt and I show up in what I find cute or what I would want to wear the entire week, It looks like I’m trying to impress others instead of dressing for me.”

As the issue was looked more into- it was also discovered that many hills students aren’t even really sure what their own style is because they are so used to the “normal” way of attire. When students were asked about what they would call their style, some even answered, “I don’t know?” or “Black leggings and a shirt?”

If high school students judged each other less- the fashion of this school would guarentable be more individualised and actually better.

As the spring a summer start to roll around we encourage the girls to start wearing what they think speaks for them- instead of what speaks for the entire Hills community. Try something new for yourself. A hat – yellow sneakers or overalls may be the next big thing- and who’s to say one person in this building couldn’t be the one to start the trend. Take back your individuality and don’t be afraid to stand out. Coco chanel didn’t wear the same stuff as everyone else- and either should the women of Pascack Hills.