Cross-contamination and AirPods: The dirty truth

Many students at hills wear AirPods through the hall and in classes. AirPods get dirty really fast especially the case. 

Some students share their AirPods with other students and cross-contaminate each other’s ears with ear wax which is completely disgusting.

“I just got the new AirPods Pro and the case already looks a mess I honestly wish I got the power beats pro because the case doesn’t get dirty this fast” Shane Jensen said. 

Along with the case being very dirty, the case is very hard to clean. Many have to look up videos on how to clean them and many complicated, expensive ways to clean them.

“I had to use literally like 6 things in my house to clean these its so annoying. I had to use thumbtacks, cotton swabs, cotton balls, etc. It’s not good and inconvenient” Brendan Kelly said. 

 Many students realize this and they tend to still put them in other peoples’ ears. This is ear wax cross-contamination which can lead to infections and reactions in the ears. 

These can get worse depending on how often the people clean their ears. Some students go on lockdown mode and don’t share which is the safest thing to do.

“I never let someone wear my AirPods because most people forget to clean their ears and it’s just disgusting. People should watch out for this more crucially honestly because the ears are the one thing most people forget to clean” Joe Del Grande said. 

This is very true and this is something many people should do if they decide to wear AirPods or truly any type of earbuds. Another alternative is getting headphones which is a safer route to keeping things clean and to keep you away from Infections!