S(no)w Problem: Trendiest Products to Buy this Winter

Article By Alexandra Truszkowska


Image Credit: Pexels

Whether you call it fall or autumn, this chilly-weathered time of the year is loved by many. From pumpkin-spice-lattes to knee high boots, this season brings on new trends and “fall favorites,” with new fashion crazes, Thanksgiving themed decorations, and a few other products that are sure to make your head spin. Below are the top five products perfect for this last month of fall.


  1. Pom-Pom Keychains


These multi-colored puffs of fur have been popping up recently. With a gold or silver keychain clasp and fluffy faux fur on the end, these small accessories have  been taking over fashion statements and trends. Perfect for your backpack, purse, and now even with phone cases, pom-poms add an instant dose of cool to any of your most used items. Mostly coming in a pink shade, you can find them here, in black, red, pink, or blue. For less than four dollars, spice up that worn backpack with some (colorful) rabbit luck!

  1.  Scented Candles

Nothing is more homey and comforting than lighting a candle, and during November, what’s better than to try Bath And Body Works’ fall collection? Candles are a great way to create a soothing ambiance while studying, or the perfect missing decor in your room. With scents ranging from the sweet “Pumpkin Pecan Waffles” to cinnamon-spice “Give Thanks,” B&BW has multitudes of candles, soaps, and body lotions to keep our fall soul happy. With an End-of-Fall sale going on, check out the different candles here and here. Get your final fragrances before they’re gone for the year!

  1. Haconut

This winter, try a face cream with more natural products! Although tons of ads on Twitter and Instagram have been promoting Haconut, a natural Caribbean coconut face scrub, some have yet to get into the craze. Promising smooth, refreshed skin and to fight acne breakouts, these organic scrubs come in different scents (see the original scrub here and the limited edition pineapple scrub here) are reaching tons of people across the globe with over 32,000 Twitter followers. With Youtube celebrities endorsing these animal-friendly, vegan scrubs, tons of bags have already been sold. With healthy ingredients like coconut sugar, pacific sea salt, and even cocoa butter, we’re still surprised you haven’t bought it!

  1. My VNYL

Recently, a new company, VNYL, has been taking over the vinyl world. When you link your Spotify account or other music radios/stations, the team at VNYL will pick and send the perfect vinyls according to your music choices. With different bundles to choose from (one vinyl a year, two, etc.) there’s no stopping the choices! Pressed records are a great idea to listen for an authentic experience, and even better under the warm covers. Check out their website here to create a free account and here to see the best vinyls of 2016.

  1. Kyshadow

No list of products would be complete without the classic Kylie Jenner makeup. Moving slightly away from lip-kits and glosses, Kylie has created her new eye shadows, “The Bronze Palette” and “The Burgundy Palette.” The Burgundy Palette has multiple dark red, gold, and nude shades, perfect for fall weather and fashion. These wine-inspired shades have gotten sold out multiple times and can only be found on Kylie’s official website. Perfect with dark lips and endorsed by celebs like Jeffree Star and Jordyn Woods, who wouldn’t want one? For a direct buy for The Burgundy Palette, click here.