Chris Christie: Is This Really The Year?

By Maya Schwartz

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Editor’s Note: The following is an opinion piece.

Chris Christie gave his 7th Annual State of the State Address. He has been the governor of New Jersey for seven years, and claims that this is the year where everything will change for the better.

But after all of these years, why is this year any different? What makes 2017 any different than 2016? What have we done that showed a huge difference from just a year ago? These are the questions that New Jersey Citizens still don’t have the answers to. Our governor has finally chosen to clean up his act, but only after spending time to campaign for Donald Trump, and starting his new book. Glad to know that we have someone who is really dedicated to solving the state’s problems.

But after all of that big talk, Christie said, “We might actually do what we say we’re going to do.”

Might? What ever happened to this is the year? This is the year that we solve the state’s greatest problems? This is the year that we cut tax returns, bring education to those who are financially limited, and supply more jobs for the poor? After all of that it’s a might? We can’t afford a “might.”

Even before Christie’s speech, John Wisniewski, a member of the New Jersey General Assembly, gave the press some other interesting information. He said that the Governor gave away a billion dollars in revenue to get other things done and to help other issues. He also said that he is psychologically still believing in Trump, and he will not agree with the legislature. Could Trump’s campaign Christie loved be a speedbump on the state’s road to success? No one will know for sure until he comes to the White House on Jan. 20.

After all of this, Christie isn’t even going to be the governor of New Jersey for much longer. His term ends January 2018, so with all the fuss over Trump and his new book, what issue will he have time to resolve?