New Movies Showing in Theaters in 2017

By Aly Cohen


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Every year an activity many people enjoy is going to the movie theater and seeing the newest movies. With the Oscars coming soon, many movies have been released in the new year. There will be so many exciting movies this year, including the remake of a Disney classic and a new addition to the incredible Star Wars series. Here’s a peek at the most anticipated movies of 2017:

First off, the movie, A Dog’s Purpose, starring Frozen’s Josh Gad, Dennis Quaid, and Britt Robertson, is going to be a hit for dog lovers everywhere. The movie tells a sweet story of a dog named Bailey, and all of his different lives in several different situations. Ultimately, Bailey’s life comes full circle and returns to his first owner. This movie will tug on the heartstrings of any current or previous dog owner. It tells a heartwarming story of the improtance of a dog’s love.

Sophomore Jenna Cohen says that she would like to see A Dog’s Purpose because she feels it relates to her because she has a dog named Cody, who is a collie-shephard, that she loves. Annabelle Barbara also said,  “I saw the trailer and it looked really good. It is a smart idea for a movie because everyone wonders what a dog thinks.”

Freshmen Emily Grubb and Jade Siegel really want to see Pitch Perfect 3. Not much information has been released on the movie but the cast of the first and second Pitch Perfect  movies are confirmed to be in the film. In addition to the original cast, Ruby Rose from Orange is the New Black will star.

Beauty and the Beast will release on Mar. 17. Emma Watson and Dan Stevens star as Belle and the Beast, respectively, in the remake of a Disney classic. In the movie, Belle is held prisoner by the Beast. Despite his rough exterior, the beast is truly lonely and looking for company.

Beauty and the Beast teaches the important lesson to not judge a book by its cover. Freshmen Miranda Luo and Rachel Aschenbrand are looking forward to seeing the movie. Rachel says, “It looks like a cool remake and I really liked the original.” Beauty and the Beast will also feature a duet between John Legend and Ariana Grande.

A new thriller called Split is coming to theaters on Jan. 20. Split is about a man named Kevin who has multiple personality disorder and kidnaps three girls. One of his personalities is trying to overpower the others and take full control of his body. Meanwhile the girls are trying to escape the house but find it difficult to escape Kevin and his 23 personalities. The film stars James Mcavoy, Anna Taylor-Joy and Betty Buckley.

Another movie will be added to the Star Wars collection in December 2017, as well. Star Wars episode VIII is definitely a must-see for Star Wars fans everywhere. The directors have teased that this movie will be focused mostly on Luke Skywalker and will take place 20 years after the Sith dominated the galaxy. Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Mark Hamill and many other previous Star Wars cast members are set to be in the film.