Momma’s Kitchen: now serving the best burger on a brioche bun

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Matthew Wikfors, In-Depth Editor

Momma’s Kitchen has already established itself as a quality family restaurant in Montvale, New Jersey located on 15 Grand Ave.  The restaurant has fairly low prices with dishes like various pastas, salads, pizzas, paninis, and even Prince Edward Island mussels.

Momma’s Kitchen has recently started serving burgers.  Although there are only two burger options on the menu, they still sound mouth-watering and appetizing just by reading what’s in them.  Although they may be expensive priced at $11.95 and $12.95, the price is worth it.  

If you want a unique and flavorful burger, the best option is the Italian Pork burger.  The burger is an eight ounce burger of their special blend, homemade pulled pork, provolone cheese, and cherry peppers all topped on a crispy buttered brioche bun.

The beef burger is juicy and flavorful with a rich texture.  The pulled pork is crispy and salty with a hint of sweetness that melts in your mouth and is tasty enough to warrant being its own side dish.  The provolone cheese adds a another layer of taste to the burger but does not overpower the taste of either the burger or the pulled pork.  The cherry peppers add some spicy heat to burger but if you are not a fan of spicy peppers, you can take the peppers off of the burger and the spicy hint of flavor will still be present.

Like most meals, the burger comes with a side of parmesan chips or a side salad but most people tend to choose the parmesan chips which are crunchy potato chips topped with parmesan cheese which give the chip a cheesy flavor.

Overall rating: 9/10