Cinder: The Lunars


Reece Ferrentino

The Lunars are a cold, hard race that reside on the Earth’s Moon, know to them as Luna. They came from humans, but after a mutation they became so much more than that. The Lunars can manipulate people’s minds into seeing something other than reality; this is called a glamour. Many Lunars are naturally gorgeous, flawless, and virtually have no imperfections, such as Sybil Mira. Others aren’t as lucky. Queen Levana, the Queen of Luna, is a wickedly evil Lunar. She’s killed many people and cares for no one but herself. She uses a glamour to hide her scars, and being as powerful as she is, her glamor makes her appear absolutely gorgeous. Her flawless skin, her long hair, and her always vividly red lips are stunning, but they’re simply just a cover for the horrible person she is inside.

I used my friends in a photoshoot to depict the beautiful Lunars in the book Cinder by Marissa Meyer. Two of the girls represent actual characters from the book, while the other three represent how a “common” Lunar may look. Grace McGory represents Queen Levana Blackburn, the queen of Luna. I gave her Levana’s signature red lips and dressed her in two dresses that I believe a queen of her form would wear. Elizabeth O’Keeffe represets Sybil Mira, Levana’s thaumaturge. Still considered royal, but nowhere near as important as Levana, Sybil would wear something much more understated, yet still formal. For the “common” Lunars, I dressed everyone in formal wear, because the Lunars think very highly of themselves. These models ares Alyssa Lindardic, Jasmine Delgado, and Izzy Frangisoa. In my head, I believe that the people of Luna are far more concerned with what they’re wearing and how they look over anything else. I dressed everyone in colors that remind me of the night, the moon, and the sky; blues, whites, and blacks, with one red piece for Levana because of the darker, rich color. I feel like this may be something she’d wear on earth when visiting. I hope you enjoy all of the photos!