Señor Priddy retires after a lifetime of language learning

By Hanna Kimball

Señor Priddy with his wall of memories. Photo by Sam Zuckerberg

Señor Priddy with his wall of memories. Photo by Sam Zuckerberg

When you walk by Room 232, a cheerful “¡Hola!” from Spanish teacher Glenn Priddy is inevitable. What you may not know is that Priddy has always lived with a passion for languages, and has made it his goal to share this passion with all of his students.

Priddy grew up on a small farm in Connecticut. One day his dad told the family that he was hired by a large international chicken breeding company, which meant that they had to move internationally. In the blink of an eye, Priddy and his family relocated to Rome, Italy. Here, Priddy began to develop his immense love for languages. The travelling didn’t stop for Priddy, as him and his family continued to relocate.

A map highlighting all of the countries Priddy has lived in, including Italy, Argentina, Venezuela and the United States. Graphic by Hanna Kimball.


A map highlighting specific states Priddy has lived in.
Graphic by Hanna Kimball.

After completing high school in Argentina, Priddy relocated back to the states for college. Priddy received his Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and French from Castleton State College. He received his Master’s Degree in Spanish from Middlebury College.

Priddy always has loved sports, and at first he majored in Physical Education. However, after being a approached by a teacher who realized his incredible language ability, Priddy realized his true passion was to be a language major.

By switching majors, Priddy was scared he would not be able to continue his love for sports, but he quickly fell in love with coaching. He has coached 69 seasons in total- five sports being in the Pascack Valley Regional High School District.

Bowling team member, Aidan Biddle, says Priddy is a very kind and helpful coach because he “doesn’t care about what score you get in the end, as long as you had fun and improved.”

Aside from coaching, Priddy’s teaching goal is “to show every single student that everyone has the potential to learn a language or languages.” He hopes to encourage his students to learn by being enthusiastic. Priddy spreads his love to all of his students by showing that he is always learning. So far, he has learned five languages, and is continuing to learn even more.

World Language Department Supervisor Noemi Rodriguez, says, “Señor Priddy’s energy and vibrancy are infectious, so he comes in everyday with such a positive attitude and positive mindset that it just…radiates throughout the department.”

In retirement, Priddy looks forward to travelling more with his wife, Denise, and spending time with his grandchildren. Priddy has four grandchildren: Michael (11), Alexa (six), Julian (six months)  from one family and Sofia (four months) from another family.

When asked what his favorite teaching memory is, with a smile, Priddy says, “Look around I mean…I’ve had so many great memories, so many great classes, so many great kids…and all of these photos will have to come down- that’s going to be hard.”