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Hanna Kimball

Hanna Kimball, Managing Editor

Hanna is a senior, and this is her fourth and final year working for The Trailblazer. An editor-in-chief last year, Hanna has worked through the ranks to become Managing Editor, and has taught a few on her way up. Although she’s sad to see it go, she’s ready to work hard this year.

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Top left to right: Serin Matthews, Grace Liriano, Brett Berger, Julia Schwartz, Grady Johnson, John Giardina, Jessica Strassberg, Rebecca Herman, Sarah Winston, Amber Leung,  Bottom left to right: Gianna Lucido, Eliza Romeu, Harrison Blume, Francesca Ferraro  Not pictured: Zainah Alizade

2018’s Tri-M Success

February 16, 2018
No Seats, No Problem!

No Seats, No Problem!

February 14, 2018
Students wearing college sweatshirts is a typical sight at Hills.

College Crazed Cowboys

November 1, 2017