Travel close to home this summer

Piermont, NY at sunset.
Photo by: Hanna Kimball.

Piermont, NY at sunset. Photo by: Hanna Kimball.

With summer schedules filling quickly, and little time left of the season, not everyone has the chance to go on a vacation. However, Bergen County, and its many surrounding towns, give you many options to go on last-minute summer trips close to home!

  1. Go to the beach: The Jersey shore is everyone’s go-to summer spot because it is never far away. Long Branch Beach is definitely a Hills’ favorite, since many students can easily go there by train. Click here to learn more about this beach. Accessibility is key when planning a short summer trip, so the Jersey shore is always an option!
  2. Go hiking: Northern New Jersey offers many great areas where you can go hiking. Whether with friends or family, hiking is a great day trip close to home. Ramapo Reservation is gorgeous and has plenty of hiking trails. Don’t forget to bring your dog, because this day trip is pet-friendly. Did you know there even is National Park in New Jersey? The Passaic River Great Falls is a beautiful area that will amaze you. Click here for information about parks in New Jersey.
  3. Go into the city: Taking a trip into the city is always a fun summer day. Ice cream shops, parks, and baseball games are only some reasons New York makes for a great summer trip. Being so close to New York City is something many of us take for granted, so why not stop by this summer. Click here for summer events happening in NYC.
  4. Visit small towns in the area: Discovering small cities, like Nyack or Piermont, NY, is a great way to spend a beautiful summer day. Click here for things to do when in Nyack, NY. Whether you grab lunch with some friends or watch the sunset over the river, unplanned days can create some of the best summer memories. Walk around a town you don’t visit much, because you never know what you may find!
  5. Visit a new state: Visiting a different state is not hard to do, especially when we live so close to Connecticut and New York. If you have time and would like to go somewhere that is somewhat far, try Boston, Massachusetts. New Haven, Connecticut is a closer journey, but it surely is just as amazing. Click here to learn about Boston and click here to learn about New Haven. Traveling to new states is not as hard as it sounds, you will be surprised once you realize how close Northern New Jersey truly is to other incredible states.

Summer day trips don’t always need to be planned out, or far away. Try exploring your own town for a day. Going for a run, a walk with your dog, or exploring with friends are all fun ways to see what your town has to offer. Even after living there, the beauty of your town may surprise you.