‘We only have five people working’

Restaurants have been ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Stern and Bow on Facebook

Stern and Bow in Closter, NJ, like many other restaurants, has been deeply affected by the pandemic.

All throughout New Jersey, many businesses have been shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has infected millions with the deadly Covid-19. Any businesses considered non-essential by the government are closed in order to prevent the spread of the virus. This leaves many restaurants such as Stern and Bow in Closter, NJ, a once lively workplace, filled with nothing but a few workers.

Stern and Bow on Facebook
Stern and Bow Restaurant.
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“As of now, no one can come to sit in the restaurant, and we have limited staff considering we only have five people working because of the virus. I have never seen this restaurant so empty, ” Gia, a receptionist at Stern and Bow, said. 

I have never seen this restaurant so empty.

— Gia, receptionist at Stern and Bow

Due to the virus, many businesses are either completely closed or finding other methods of staying alive, all while keeping their working space clean. Stern and Bow is trying to keep business rolling by offering two different ways of getting food to their customers as well as changing their menu in order to fit certain regulations. 

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@sternandbowrestaurant on Instagram
An example of a curbside pickup order at Stern and Bow.

“Right now, we are cleaning a lot and delivering everything for the majority. We offer curbside pickup, where we go outside and drop your order off to you, so no one comes into the restaurant. Staff who used to be waiters are now our drivers, which has been a major shift. We have also changed our menu so that we only give family-style meals,” Gia stated. 

Of course, restaurants are still trying to keep their business thriving, but it has been a difficult time to adapt to the new life that Covid-19 has created. Although Stern and Bow is open now, employees at the restaurant had many problems in the beginning due to the original closure of the restaurant. 

“Originally, employees were having a problem with unemployment because our restaurant had to close at the beginning of this pandemic. As a result of this, many workers were relying on Stern and Bow reopening. Fortunately, our restaurant is open and ready for business,” Gia explained. 

The seriousness of the current situation increases every day, which leaves many to not only stay quarantined but also realize that this virus is leaving a large impact on many people. It becomes clear that people who are being forced to either stop working or limit their work are going through a lot right now, specifically business-wise.

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“As this pandemic continues, I notice that the need to shut places down and limit public interaction is becoming more and more mandatory, which makes me realize all the people that would be affected by the loss of their jobs, or just less work which leads to losing money,” Hills junior Orestes Docampo said.

All in all, life is changing drastically as the coronavirus spreads, which can be seen when looking at all the businesses that are being impacted. With this in mind, it is good to acknowledge the troubles that many are going through during this pandemic, and realize that everyone is in the same boat. More than one rising tide might be necessary to lift the country back on its feet.