Stay sane in quarantine


Christina Kim

Going outside while doing schoolwork could be a nice change of pace and could in a way be more productive.

Eat, sleep, Netflix, repeat. Sound familiar? Ever since quarantine has started, the world has shut down and our screen time has gone up. Day in and day out, we follow the same boring, unproductive routine by binge-watching a new series or spending countless hours on TikTok. Although these activities are great, there are countless ways to make the quarantine experience even better. These tips and tricks will hopefully change the isolation experience and help everyone make the most out of this time. 

Create a schedule for the day

Although this may seem obvious, it is amazing how much more you can get done in one day if there is a schedule to follow. Even if it is as simple as checking off boxes after completing the work for a certain class, this will keep everything organized and help make one feel that much more productive. This will help ensure that all the work for the day is completed and done with maximum effort. 

Work out

As it seems like everybody is trying to get those killer abs during this time period, it is clear that working out is something that many people are picking up and are continuing to do. Not only is this time of quarantine an amazing way to get fit and stronger, but working out is also an amazing remedy to the stress and stir-crazy feeling that many people are experiencing. When starting to workout every day, many people notice and experience the energy and excitement that it brings. 

Junior Sanaz Samani stated that she “personally [loves] working out, especially during quarantine because it’s very therapeutic, and knowing that I am in the small percentage of people that are doing it really motivates me. In hard times like this, true dedication comes out.”

No matter the level of difficulty or time it takes to work out, anything and everything will feel beneficial and have a positive outcome both internally and externally. Read more on working out from Sports Editor Izzy Frangiosa.

Do yoga or meditate

Yoga is something that is very beneficial and takes a lot of patience and perseverance. Yoga helps relax the mind, focuses on taking away stress, and helps with strength– everything that is needed during this time. Once in a while, if one were to focus on yoga for the day, there would be many positive outcomes that will help the mind and the body together.

Do schoolwork outside 

Especially during a time of isolation, getting outside is one of the best remedies for cabin-fever. Now that it is spring, when the days are in the high 60s, going outside will help one feel extremely refreshed and free. Going outside while doing school work could be a nice change of pace and could in a way be more productive. A change of scenery is always helpful with focus and relaxation.

FaceTime friends

Despite the fact that this seems like it is an obvious activity, it is important to reiterate how important it is to stay connected with the outside world. Talking with friends over FaceTime or Zoom is so vital to calm down nerves and ultimately let everybody be relaxed and free. 

Ever since this shut down has started, the precious weekends of getting together with friends have been robbed and thus halted the year for continued memories. Seeing friends through the screen is an easy way to feel a sense of normalcy and will help bring joy and laughter to this time of boredom and fear. 


Banana bread has been an especially popular food to make in quarantine.

Baking could be a fun, new hobby that will occupy lots of time and effort. Baking is something that anybody could do and can easily turn into a fun activity for the family to enjoy together. Whether it be a boxed brownie mix or a homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe, any type of method will result in something amazing and delicious. Now is as good of a time as any to try a new recipe or play around with different methods. 

Watch Netflix

While being productive during the day will result in so many benefits for both the mind and body, at night, the aspect of relaxing is necessary. Now is as good of a time as any to catch up on the many shows that everybody has been talking about. All American, Outer Banks, Grey’s Anatomy, New Girl –– truly anything you want! Read more recommendations here from Caity Parkes.

These activities during this time of quarantine will hopefully be a game-changer to your everyday routine and help your mental and physical state of mind.