What to watch on Netflix while in social isolation


Caity Parkes

If students feel like watching a show or movie with friends, since they can’t be together, Netflix Party can be a helpful tool.

Students have been stuck at home for over a month due to the coronavirus quarantine. Clearly, watching TV isn’t the most productive way to spend this new-found free time, but after stressing out about online school and going on a walk or two, there isn’t too much else to do. For students who have already watched everything on their list or are simply looking for something new and exciting, here are some interesting shows to start streaming on Netflix

Uplifting shows

During this indescribably unique situation Americans are living through, students should try to watch something funny and uplifting to contradict a somber state of mind, something to help lift people’s saddened spirits to be a lot more cheerful than some are right now. Netflix has some classic favorites: 

The Office

The Office, a well-known mockumentary series that details the daily lives of employees at work at a fictional paper company called Dunder Mifflin. The show has many famous characters and is definitely a must-watch to understand the many references made by our generation. 

That ’70s Show

Additionally, That ’70s Show is a popular sitcom that follows the lives of six teenagers in the 1970s. Though it was filmed in the 90s, it features many familiar faces including Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. The show follows the friends through the end of the decade, through highschool and into their lives in college and working locally. 

The Good Place

Also, The Good Place plays with the idea of Heaven and Hell as the series follows a not-so-great person that ends up in the Good Place by mistake (when she was supposed to go to Hell). 


Lastly, Cheers is a classic series from the 1980s, and while it may seem outdated, following the lives of the main characters working at the Boston bar, Cheers, still seems entirely relatable while being extremely funny and entertaining. Through the relationship troubles of main characters Sam Malone, an ex-baseball star and bar owner, and his new waitress (and love interest) Diane Chambers, viewers can have a good laugh while following a story that’ll keep them entertained for sure. 

Binge-worthy shows

For students planning to take a full day or weekend to binge-watch a new series, here are some shows that will keep you entertained for days… 

Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is a great option for students searching for something a little darker or really anyone that finds mysteries and cop/detective shows interesting. The extremely lengthy series follows a team of FBI behavioral analysts as they solve cases, and often digs into their personal lives as well.  This show can be found on Netflix.  

Love is Blind

Love is Blind is also another dramatic Netflix option for viewers. Agreeing to marry someone (and this is a reality show, as in people actually had to do this) without ever seeing them. The show follows a group of singles as they go on dates in little pods in which they can not see but only talk to their potential life partner. After dating around for about a week, the men (or women) can choose to propose to the person that they felt the greatest connection with, and they then spend the next four weeks leading up to the wedding in hopes of making their relationship work. 


Additionally, Outlander travels through time, bringing the audience along with the main character Claire between the 1700s and 1940s Scotland. Viewers follow Claire as she falls in and out of love, tries to stop an entire revolution, and goes on a number of adventures along the way. Though there are some gruesome scenes, the show is captivating and easy to get swept up in for a day. 

Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush will inspire bakers and non-bakers alike to start finding some delicious new treats to eat. The baking competition follows contestants making cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts in an effort to win a prize. The way that the judges describe the treats will definitely make you hungry or eager to start baking. 

Other recommendations

Lastly, if hoping to learn something new, Netflix has a huge number of docu-series to teach students everything about almost anything.  Finally, if TV shows simply are not the way to go, students should consider watching some recently released movies, as Netflix is filled to the brim with highly acclaimed films. 

No matter what type of TV show or movie students are looking to watch during their time on break, they can certainly find something enjoyable on Netflix. If students feel like watching a show or movie with friends, since they can’t be together, Netflix Party can be a helpful tool. Everyone is going through an extremely difficult time right now, but hopefully, some of these shows can help to do their job and distract students during some of this excessive free time.