Sir Kuss’ adventure at Wenty’s Twenty


As Sir Kuss enters the circus, his nose is greeted with a delicious aroma of buttery popcorn.

“What’s a circus adventure without some popcorn?” He mumbled as he walked over to the booth.

Ready with a mouthwatering bucket of popcorn in hand, he looks for an entrance to today’s special: Wenty’s Twenty.

He had heard good and bad things about this show. Specifically, the ringleader, Some audiences considered Wenty very talented at his performances when others considered him to be the opposite. Personally, he had mixed feelings towards the man. Besides that, he could not have been more excited for the thrilling entertainment coming at him . . . or so he thought.

When inside the gates of the event, “Hello everyone,” greeted a voice, “today’s show features the best ringleader of eternity, the one and only: Wenty,” followed by a round of applause. Sir Kuss sat back comfortably in his chair and began munching on some popcorn as the show finally began.

Act 1: Kobe and Gianna Byrant’s death

Wenty once again begins running and cartwheeling his way across the tightrope, at the same time, throwing children’s toys through the ring of flames. He throws the car, the train which all go straight through the middle of the hoop. However, as he throws the helicopter, it catches on fire and two figures fall out of it. One is a man, with his arm around a young girl, both of whom are holding a basketball. The crowd begins to boo and shame Wenty, disgusted by the awful trick.

As Sir Kuss tosses another popcorn in his mouth and notices the taste is a bit different.

Act 2: Australian fires

However, Wenty was inattention to the fires which are spreading, making the crowd panic. It is soon out of control and reaches the koalas and kangaroos Wenty needed. As he is trying to bring down the fire with the fire extinguisher in his feet and his hands holding the weight of the body, he topples over coughing because of the smoke.

As Sir Kuss eats another popcorn, he now notices that it tasted slightly bitter. Barely enough to notice, but present.

Act 3: Breonna Taylor

As the fire department arrives, they enter the room with fire extinguishers and hoses in hand. However, one fireman accidentally sprays Wenty’s assistant in the face.

“I’m the victim, not the perpetrat . . . tor,” he managed and took his last breath.

The fire department panicked, trying to see how they could help him. But they all knew, the damage was done and the man was dead.

Sir Kuss eats another popped corn, the bitterness quite noticeable this time.

Act 4: George Floyd

The chaos of the previous event had not fully cleared when police sirens were heard approaching. The officer came in and put his knee to a man standing by the remnants of the atrocity that had just occur. Unable to breathe, the man gave a cry for help. Wenty, asked the officer what was the matter and began calling to others for help. However, no one came to Wenty’s assistance and the police continued to press the life out of the man, followed not soon after, his death.

Tired already of the show, Sir Kuss brings a popped corn to his mouth chewing it to taste a bearable bitterness this time.

Act 5: West Coast wildfires

Wenty, thankful for some normality, wasted no time in returning back to the routine. Just then, a man came in, hollering.

“There’s a wildfire towards the west of the circus camp. Call for help, before it begins to spread.”

Some people began panicking, while others sprung immediately into action. Wenty walked around seeing how he could be of any help before the professionals arrived.

Sir Kuss remained sitting, chomping at the bit while waiting for the event to actually start. However, he couldn’t contain it inside any longer and threw up. He saw other audience members doing the same. What a disgusting bucket of popcorn indeed . . . however, it wasn’t over just yet.

Act 6: Trump tests positive for Covid-19

Just then a man walked in with a cloth over his face, “Mr. Wenty, your results just came back and it looks like you tested positive for the disease.””

“You idiot, there has to be something wrong with the tests, there is no way I have it. I, after all, am the invincible,” Wenty responded.

“I’m sorry to say the tests results are completely accurate,” he said and stepped as far away from Wenty as possible.

In response, Wenty’s mouth opened as if to speak, and once again closed. He was unable to answer.

Act 7: Trump loses election, demands recounts, and refuses to leave office

Not long after, the election results were announced. Wenty’s opponent had win, and Wenty was overcome by frustration.

“They don’t know how to count, there has been an error in the calculation of votes. I am the winner the show wants, needs and deserves. However, I, Wenty will bring back to you your right,” he announced and the audience began to yawn, tired of their ringleader. Wenty ignored them and continued, “I will spend over eight million dollars for recounting purposes.”

Act 8: Death of loved ones due to Covid-19

“For the last segment of this event, I wanted to take a moment to commemorate all those who have been lost throughout the duration of this event. It has truly been an unfortunate show, and I hope this is the end o-” however Wenty was unable to continue as Sir Kuss and other audience members chased each other to rid themselves of Dante’s worse version of hell.

“What an unprecedented show! Such a waste of my money and time,” Sir Kuss mumbled furiously.