Missing March Madness


Matthias Penke

Many students were hoping to watch March Madness, a popular basketball tournament played each spring. Creative Commons Image courtesy of Matthias Penke on Flickr.

Coronavirus has caused all major sports events and sports games to be canceled for the foreseeable future. The most popular sports event that coronavirus has caused to end or reschedule is March Madness. March Madness is a college basketball tournament that takes place every year in March and early April. High School students at Pascack Hills are very disappointed about the cancelation of March Madness.

‘’I was looking forward to watching Duke and Kansas during March Madness. I am a Duke fan for all sports and since the beginning of the college basketball season, I had a feeling that Kansas would make a run,” sophomore Zack Ginsburg said.

Ginsburg isn’t the only Hills student who is disappointed about March Madness being canceled. Many students are in bracket pools with friends and look forward to watching the upsets that occur every year during the tournament. Some students are even watching old March Madness highlights.

‘’I am watching old March Madness clips,” sophomore Aiden Berson said.

Berson isn’t a huge college basketball fan. Aiden loves the thrill that March Madness gives anyone who enjoys watching basketball. It has arguably the most competitive basketball games that take place every year. Some players in the tournament are seniors in college, and it is their last time to play. For others, it is a chance for the whole world and NBA scouts to see them, since they play at smaller schools that aren’t often televised.

If the coronavirus is more contained next month, an idea with significant popular support is May Madness. This would give players the opportunity to show off to NBA teams before the draft and also make the NCAA money it would have lost otherwise.

‘’Yes, I would like to see a tournament after the virus is contained because there is still time to have a makeup tourney and turn a profit, even called May Madness,” sophomore Garrett Wynne, a high school basketball player, commented.

Garrett along with many other students at Pascack Hills missed out on March Madness and want more. All professional sports have been canceled and if the Coronavirus is more contained, May Madness would be a great idea.

I would love to see May Madness, but I don’t think we will get it.

— Daniel Albert

‘’I would love to see May Madness, but I don’t think we will get it,” said Daniel Albert, Sports Editor at the Trailblazer and a March Madness enthusiast.

Many hope Albert is wrong, and the United States and the rest of the world are in a better state in two months. The loss of March Madness was definitely hard for the Pascack Hills student body, but not close to as bad as the coronavirus has been for thousands worldwide.