Families adjust to new normal in quarantine


Photo by Jared Mitovich

A chalk creation in Woodcliff Lake reminding residents to stay home. During quarantine, families have adjusted to the increased time spent together.

Social distancing has been practiced for about two months already. Pascack Hills is closed for the rest of the year, and students and teachers are being put in a situation that they have never experienced before. But through all the negatives of Covid-19, a positive is that individuals are spending much more time with their families.

It’s been very nice to spend quality time with the family.

— Luke Ghedduzi

“Obviously I would rather be allowed to leave the house, but it’s been very nice to spend quality time with the family. We play board games on Fridays and watch movies on Saturdays,” sophomore Luke Gheduzzi said. 

For many families, the current situation forces a total reevaluation of work-life balance. It is just a different experience –– and it definitely takes a lot of adjusting. 

“At first, our family was just what it was before the pandemic. We talked, but we didn’t really go out of our ways to do stuff together. Now, we are doing many more things as a family, like making dinner together or watching TV together,” sophomore and Sports Editor Jacob Charnow said. 

While many families may now be overwhelmingly sick of day-to-day whining and bickering, sociologists say that enduring hardship together builds stronger connections.

I’ve never fought with my family more.

“I’ve never fought with my family more. My parents are always screaming at us, and my younger sisters and always trying to pick fights with me. I get that it’s because of the tough times, but I cannot stand it,” one student said. 

This is a whole different situation than what people are used to. Parents, grandparents, and children are constantly interacting, which is an unusual circumstance for many families. But it is a good thing to build long-term relationships with family members.

I definitely value my parents’ opinions on shows and movies much more.

— Dylan Reisman

“I’ve never spent so much time with my parents before. I’m beginning to appreciate it; it is fun. I’ve watched a ton of classic movies, like Godfather and Shawshank Redemption. I definitely value my parents’ opinions on shows and movies much more,” Dylan Reisman said.

The virus has brought everyone out of their comfort zones. Many people are used to being robotic, but now do not have the same schedule every day. Family is one of the factors that are keeping people sane and in check.

“I’ve always appreciated my family, and I’ve always loved them. But now with all this time I have spent with them, there is definitely a greater appreciation. My family is now just as much my friends –– it’s not something I ever expected,” Charnow said.