Excellent Entrepreneurship

Sometimes a person feels as if a career was made for her, or that she was made for the career.

Jill Marks of Long Island says that her passion for her stationery business “was in [her] blood.” Marks established her stationery business from home twelve years ago. She did this so she would be able to spend time with her family. Marks admits that going into the entrepreneurship world can be a huge risk because the income can be rocky.

Marks’ stationery business operates mostly through connections with old customers and networking. At the usual appointment, she goes through her sample books of invitations and cards with the customers until they find the one that they are happy with. Marks then orders the item from the main supplier, and then the order is delivered!

According to Jill, entrepreneurship is safe with the right education. Marks graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in retail. She learned that basic math is the key to a successful business like her own.

She was also taught how to balance investing and income.  Her advice to future entrepreneurs is to “talk to other people in similar situations and ask their opinions. The most important part is to stay up to date with the technology and with the customers’ wants and needs.”