Stress-free? Check.

As incomprehensible amounts of homework begin to swallow up my planner, I start to feel anxious about getting home from school and beginning my work. Many of us often find ourselves questioning if there is just too much work on our plates. We’re all in the same boat; we have our plates full, and most of the time, we end up eating way too much.

Stress is officially defined as, “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” Sometimes, school can be unbearably stressful. Of course there are some rare days where we have practically no homework and are therefore nearly stress free.

The best thing to remember is that the weekends are not that far away. While that could be good advice, Mondays approach after the blink of an eye, and we are back to revive those hectic feelings of having to complete vast amounts of work.

It’s important to relieve yourself of this agonizing stress, rather than allowing it to build up to the point of practically breaking down. Before doing your work, try taking five minutes to figure out what order you should do it in. This way, you can understand how to finish it all in the most logical way.

Additionally, it’s very helpful to think about how much time you will spend working by calculating how long it will take to complete each assignment. There are many times when I’m extremely stressed out, but end up finishing my homework quicker than I thought.

Different kinds of students are capable of different things. For those of you who tend to slack and fall asleep during homework, I have one word for you: “caffeine.” And for all of us who are struggling to keep up with all of the assignments that we are given; I have one word that will keep us all going: “college.”

The best advice I can give is to try to think about things rationally. Breathe… you’ll soon have weekends, breaks, and eventually summer will come. Take everything one step at a time, it’ll truly be over before you know it. So, in the end, it’s all worth it, and let’s not forgot that you always have a cup of coffee to keep you going.