What is the “RASP” in Raspberry?

High school students are aware of how valuable their dedication to community service is. Camp Raspberry is a program that began last year at Pascack Hills in order to get students involved in helping out the community. Many have heard of Camp Raspberry, but does anyone actually know what it means?

The “RASP” in Raspberry stands for “Recreation and Social Program,” which is exactly what Camp Raspberry is. Camp Raspberry is a program where high school students from Hills and Valley get together a few Saturday’s during the year in an effort to create a sort of day camp within the community; it is designed specially for children with special needs, whether they have a mental or social disability. Camp Raspberry is open to children in kindergarten up until eighth grade.

Camp Raspberry gives children with special needs an opportunity to surround themselves with other people like them for a comfortable environment. The high school students organize various games, art and crafts, and musical activities for the children to take part in. These activities utilize the children’s own talents, enabling them to make the most out of their day.

Graduated senior Hannah Strauss created Camp Raspberry last year, specifically for other PHHS students; however, after being such a success, the program has extended to Valley as well. Together, these high school students dedicate their time to making a positive influence on the lives of young children.