The Pursuit of Perfection

Wake up 30 minutes past 6 o’clock to the soothing sound of Taylor Swift’s voice, open the shades, run downstairs to pour yourself a glass of iced coffee, mix the skim milk in, gingerly shake a packet of Splenda over the ice, and return to your bedroom promptly at 6:33, sipping your chilled beverage—these are the first steps of the fashionista’s morning routine.

With the doors to your closet wide open, future opportunities hang on different hangers and articles of success are folded on shelves. After going through four different outfits, you decide on the one that resembles Emma Watson in the most recent Teen Vogue, a blend of chic and edgy, completely contradicting the ‘norm’. Twenty-seven minutes later, you are downstairs once again, this time fully dressed with your hair ironed straight and make-up carefully applied, ready for another day of your never-ending high school career.

The sound of your combat boots clacking on the floor as you stride towards your locker to hang up your peacoat echoes through the narrow hallway; each “clack” makes you feel more prepared for what the school day will bring. As you raise your hand in third period class, the feeling of your watch sliding down your arm and colliding with your new beaded bracelets reminds your consistent effort to make each day one of fashion and intelligence.

For some who are exhausted from only getting three hours of sleep, sweatpants and a hoodie may be easier and less time consuming to put on in the morning. However, other women believe that what they put on in the morning will affect the their performance level in school throughout the entire day.

Your outfit can reflect your purpose and intentions. Therefore, if you look like you just rolled out of bed, you may feel disoriented and unprepared. Studies have found this to be true. In an experiment that took place at an interview for an advertising agency, two women who had the same exact qualifications applied for the same job. One was dressed in business attire, while the other looked disheveled in a dated outfit. After the boss interviewed and reviewed of each woman’s resumes, she had chosen to hire the more fashion-forward lady.

It does not matter if your idea of “fashion” consists of jeans and a tucked in shirt, a high waisted skirt and a blouse, or bell-bottom jeans with funky heels. People who dress to impress “clack” their way to the top, one step at a time.