Top 25 of Winter

As we delve deeper into the dark, cold days of winter, there is much to enjoy of the season. Below is a list of 25 of the benefits of winter (December-February) to which Hills students should look forward.


  1. Playing in the snow
  2. Hot chocolate by the fireplace
  3. Mr. Goodman’s “Mr. Rogers” sweaters
  4. Holiday breaks
  5. Snow days
  6. Mr. Sandt’s sweater vests
  7. Dog-sledding
  8. Winter play production
  9. Candygrams (candy canes and chocolates)
  10. Blasting AC that only comes out of Mr. Shield’s and Mrs. Garretson’s rooms in the winter
  11. No smothering heat in any of the upstairs classrooms, which are normally oppressively hot in the summer.
  12. Fire drills
  13. Barren trees that look like old men
  14. “El corriente del aire” in Señora Lambert’s room
  15. Pascack Hills Basketball
  16. Cowboy Crazies
  17. Early Decision and Early Action college acceptances
  18. Senioritis
  19. Ugg boots and cozy sweaters
  20. Holiday music
  21. Drunk birds stop flying into the windows
  22. VHS classes finish
  23. Completion of first and second marking period
  24. Santa Claus
  25. Snowboarding and skiing season