Unhappy Holidays

With the holiday season in full swing, one would think that people are in the holiday spirit of kindness and giving. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Sometimes, the holiday season brings out the worst in people. This happens during the whole shopping aspect of the holidays. Masses of people literally run around the mall trying to get the best deals on gifts at any means. The worst and most ugly day is Black Friday. This day has always been a day when stampedes and deaths are reported due to the excitement of holiday sales. That is disgusting!

Another thing that has become visible during this time of year is people’s lack of manners. Between walking around a mall and trying to find a parking space in an overcrowded parking lot, people just don’t have that holiday feeling of kindness.

I was recently at the Palisades Mall in West Nyack, NY, on a Sunday, which was extremely busy because the New Jersey malls were all closed. While attempting to pull into a parking space, a dated Lincoln Town Car cut our car off and pulled into the space. As the driver and other passengers got out of the car, my mother very politely asked them why they felt they had to cut her off to get this space that she had waited for. The man’s reply was, “I didn’t see your name on it”.

After finally finding another space, we got into the mall. While trying to get to a store, I was constantly jostled by inconsiderate people and their millions of shopping bags, which was just another thing to infuriate my mall shopping experience.

Some people can be very inconsiderate and selfish when it comes to holiday shopping. Whatever happened to the peace and joy filled holidays you see on TV? The superficiality and commercialization of these holidays is a prime factor.