The New Freshmen

As our seniors finish up their applications and eagerly await the day when they can pack their bags and head off to college, we turn away from our four-year veterans and direct our attention to the eighth grade class at Fieldstone and Woodcliff: our soon-to-be freshmen.

On Wednesday, January 11, Pascack Hills held an orientation for the incoming freshmen class of 2016. Current students at Pascack Hills volunteered to give tours of the school and its many facilities. After the tours, our principal Ms. Van Gunten and other educators gave a presentation to the parents and eighth graders about the wide range of programs offered at Hills.

After the general overview given by our administrators, everyone had the opportunity to visit tables set up by individual clubs and teams. Nearly all of the clubs at Hills had set up displays and prepared brochures. The Debate Team exhibited its many trophies, the Robotics Team set up a robot to demonstrate previous projects, and our many sports teams had eager athletes to answer any questions.

It was a great opportunity for incoming freshmen to get a feel for the many clubs and activities Hills has to offer, and a chance for current Hills students to try and recruit new members for their teams and clubs.

Rima Desai, a founder of the newly formed Animal Rights Club, stated, “It was a good way for us to get out there and tell people what our goals were and what our club is about. It was great exposure for us, especially since our club is new.”

A Fieldstone student enthused, “I loved how informative this orientation was. It gave me great ideas about not only what I want to do academically at Hills, but also what kind of clubs I want to join. I already know I want to join Environmental Club, Animal Rights Club, and definitely a fall sport of some kind.”