Winter Track Team Bound for a Successful Season

Led by senior boys Sean Krazit, Louis Kang, Taylor Cudequest, Eric Solomon, and Ryan Jacobs, the boy’s winter track team is poised to have an extremely successful season. On the girl’s side, seniors Briana Setnitzky, Emily Burns, Katie Murray, and Colleen Downes lead the equally talented team, also bound for an amazing season.

Most of the students who take part in winter track are also contributing members of the spring track and field teams.

When asked about this relationship, junior track star Michael Shorr, a first year winter track athlete said, “Kids that just do spring track aren’t as mentally or physically prepared for the season. When you do winter and spring, you can jump right into it when the spring season starts.”

David Baumel, a three-season track athlete, also had something to add on the matter. “Being a runner all year is tough. You get a couple weeks off in between seasons. Winter track is kind of the ‘getting in shape season’ for spring track.”

“The bond between winter track athletes is closer than that of any many other sports,” one winter track athlete sentimentalizes, “because it is a smaller team. You can make friendships for life. I met some of my best friends on the winter track team.”

Another anonymous source mentioned the vast amounts of time that the team must spend together. “Sometimes the meets are two hours away and can last up to six hours. It’s a lot of time with the team.” This intense team bonding results in a strong friendship between all members. It is a common occurrence for team sledding sessions.

Matt Colombo, a junior who participated in winter track his freshmen and sophomore year spoke of the challenges of winder track. “It was a great experience but practices would run long and the freezing temperatures would really get to me. We had to run in the torrential rain and even once in a blizzard.”