Ben and Alex’s Take on The Artist

The Artist is a movie that attempts to enchant today’s audiences, who are accustomed to CGI and 3D, with a silent vision of the past; it is a black-and-white silent film with almost no dialogue. You may have heard of it (pun intended) when it won Best Comedy or Musical at the Golden Globes and also won the Best Picture Oscar a few days ago. So is it actually worth seeing? Here are our thoughts.


Ben: Even though one might think that The Artist would be old-fashioned and boring, it may be the most interesting and crowd-pleasing movie of the year. Even without spoken lines, the story (about the romance between a fading silent film star and an emerging talking actress) is engaging enough to keep people interested. I can say whole-heartedly that I was never bored or lost in the story. The actors were great and its retro charms are just as entertaining as the high-tech special effects of movies like Avatar or Hugo. The Artist should be on the top of everyone’s list of movies to see.


Rating: ★★★1/2


Alex: The Artist is definitely worth seeing. Every performance is great despite the lack of voices. The lead actor, Jean Dujurdin, totally deserved his Oscar for Best Actor for his work in this movie. His supporting co-stars also add a lot to the movie with their performances. The silent style of this movie is more unique and creative than anything I have seen this year. Simply put, this was the best movie of 2011.


Rating: ★★★★