Spreading the Love

There seems to be plenty of love to go around at Hills.

There was a lot of exchanging of valentines on February 14th — and delivering of candy grams as well. These heart shaped lollipops were distributed to students (I spotted some entertainingly red faces!) first period. But these candy grams were intended for more than just munching.

Some students in Ms. Macke’s Environmental Studies class, in conjunction with Interact, decided to bring love past our school’s walls to a group of girls in South Africa. They sold candy grams to help these young women whose lives have been changed as a result of the AIDS and tuberculosis among their families.  These girls participate in a dance group as a form of expression and demonstration of support to each other. This community provides them with friendships built upon the similar stories they have experienced and their love of dance. The money raised went to support these strong young women, a show of Hills’ love and support of others.

The general Hills generosity was not just displayed during the candy gram fundraiser. Prior to Valentines Day, from January 16th to February 12th, Interact held a successful fundraiser to help teens in homeless shelters. Interact collected used jeans of any size for Jeans for Teens from January 16 to February 12. Members delivered them to Aeropostale, who distributed them to homeless shelters and local charities to help those in need. For each pair of jeans, students received a 25% off coupon toward their next Aeropostale purchase.

Molly Mandel, president of Interact, said, “I think it is great that Interact and Hills participates in the Jeans for Teens drive. These teens in the homeless shelters really need jeans, and all of us have a few pairs of jeans just sitting in our closets. Hopefully, each year participation will increase and we can collect more jeans for those who are struggling.”

It looks like Hills has plenty of love within its walls and then some.