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Reporting with Hills Pride

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Reporting with Hills Pride

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    Jersey Biking

    One of the many ways to exercise is to go bike riding.  You can either go around your neighborhood, or you can ride one of the 375 bike paths in New Jersey.

    Bike paths first showed up in the 1970s in the Netherlands when the bicycle was first introduced, but by the 1920s it was the most popular mode of transportation.  The first bike path in the United States was in Brooklyn, New York called Ocean Parkway bike path.  It is still in existence today.

    By the end of the 19th century, cycling had grown from a hobby to a form of transportation.  People started campaigning to improve the existing but often poorly surfaced bicycle roads and tracks.

    In Germany, concerns arose when there was conflict between cyclists, horse traffic, and pedestrians.  This led to sections being upgraded to provide smoother surfaces and separate portions for the cyclists.  The use of segregated facilities is promoted now by a large number of people in the cycling community.

    A side path in the US is a path or sidewalk that is designated for use by cyclists with the right of way to a public road but outside of the roadway.  It is usually not immediately beside the portion of the road for vehicle traffic.

    There are many bike paths in New Jersey that are practically in your backyard.  One of the best bike paths in Bergen County is the Saddle River Area Bike Path.  This path stretches nearly six miles.

    There are actually five park areas linked by the path, which travels from East Ridgewood, near the duck pond.  The path runs through six parks, and along the path you can find a nice waterfall.  The trail includes ponds, shaded picnic areas, playgrounds, tennis courts and athletic fields.

    Another excellent bike path is the Sandy Hook bike path.  This path opened in 2004, and runs the length of the Sandy Hook peninsula.  There are unique plants and flowers, a lighthouse, and an interesting old military installation along the way.  The path runs twelve miles.  The surface is asphalt, smooth, and about ten feet wide.  The path can be used for biking or walking.  One of the easiest ways to get to the path is at the Sandy Hook beach, which is located at the Jersey Shore.

    Those are just two of the most well-known bike paths in New Jersey, but there are many more, and if you want to go somewhere further away there are great places to bike in New York City.  You can even bike over the George Washington Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Biking along these paths provides fun and exercise at the same time.  These paths are within reach, and people do not often realize they are there, but they should be used more often.

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