Jersey Shore: What it Can Teach Teens for their Future

What do most people think of when the hit MTV Reality Show Jersey Shore is mentioned? Sex? Alcohol? Trashy kids partying all summer at the beach with no work ethic because they make millions for doing nothing?

While this is what many may think about this show, the public is still obsessed with it. Though, perhaps we all have something to learn from Snooki. Yes, I know it may seem crazy, but I really think it’s true. And since the 5th season of the show is just wrapping up and Snooki announced her pregnancy and engagement, the time seems right to learn some positives from New Jersey’s most controversial bunch.

First of all, whenever the cast goes out to the club, and is expectantly going to have one of their favorite alcoholic beverages, they take a taxicab to and from the club. For the future, when it is legal to drink alcohol, we will have that “cabs are here” reference in our heads.

Another thing Jersey Shore can teach teens is the practice of safe sex. As many of us know, this show does contain sex. Although we think the cast is dirty and disgusting, they do always have protected sex. Hopefully viewers will follow the cast’s example and use protection.

Most people, including myself, know and realize that this show is very unrealistic. I don’t think many people live the extravagant lifestyle the cast members do. In all, I do think that Jersey Shore can teach us many things to keep us healthy and safe with an unknown future ahead of us. So let’s not be too quick to judge Snooki and the rest of the Jersey Shore crew.