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Reporting with Hills Pride

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Reporting with Hills Pride

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    College Tryouts

    After watching many of my fellow classmates be recruited by top schools, it’s hard not to imagine that every college athlete has gone through the same experience. However, a small (yet equally talented) number of athletes have walked on varsity teams by trying out.

    Senior Dani Freeman has cheered for the varsity cheerleading squad since her freshman year, and I sat down with my fellow classmate and close friend to discuss her possible athletic career at William Paterson University.


    Trailblazer: First off, congratulations on your acceptance to William Paterson. What made you choose to go to WP?

    Dani Freeman: Thanks! The school wasn’t that far and had a lot to offer. I liked the art department and the cheerleading team was very involved.


    TB: When did you start cheering?

    DF: I started when I was eight.


    TB: What made you decide to start cheering at that age?

    DF: I wanted to wear the uniform! I thought the skirts were pretty.


    TB: Is cheerleading just like the movie Bring It On?

    DF: Sometimes. The team definitely is like a family, and with that there’s always a lot of drama – just not as crazy as the movies.


    TB: Are you fun and loud? Are you going to make us proud? [Note: This is a reference from the film Bring It On] DF: You’re honestly a lunatic.


    TB: I digress. What were the tryouts like?

    DF: Girls ranging from freshmen to seniors tried out. Over two days we did stunts like preps, fulls, libs, and baskets, and then learned a cheer and routine. [WP] then sent out an email to let the girls know who made the squad.


    TB: And…?

    DF: I made the squad, but I’m still unsure of whether or not I will cheer.


    Dani is proof that not every athlete needs to be recruited; hard work will take a student far, both in athletics and his or her total college career. From the Trailblazer, good luck on your choice!

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