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Reporting with Hills Pride

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Reporting with Hills Pride

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    Meet Your Valedictorian and Salutatorian of 2012

    Hey Hills! Meet Samantha Cheng and Danielle Schimmenti, Pascack Hills’ 2011-12 school year valedictorian and salutatorian. As the valedictorian, Sam Cheng has the highest student GPA among this year’s graduating class. Danielle, being the salutatorian, has the second highest student GPA. Even though the two were busy getting ready for graduation and preparation for college, we were lucky enough to sit down with them last week and ask some interesting questions.


    Q: How do you feel about being this year’s valedictorian/salutatorian?

    A: (Sam) “Even as a freshman, is wasn’t a goal, but as a junior, I realized that I could be one and that it could be done. Now, though, becoming valedictorian makes me feel like I’ve moved up. I’m very happy!”

    (Danielle) “I’m very happy and surprised to be salutatorian because I am the first person in my family to become one. Because of that, I feel superior since no one in my family has had the experience of being a valedictorian or salutatorian.”


    Q: As a freshman, did you aspire to be your class’s valedictorian/salutatorian?

    A: (Sam) “I wasn’t competing for a particular spot, but overall I wanted to do the best that I could in everything I did.”

    (Danielle) “I didn’t expect it so it was never really an aspiration, but last year, as a junior, I had a hint of realizing it.”


    Q: Did you participate in any extracurricular activities/sports?

    A: (Sam) “I played varsity tennis year round and I also wrote for the school newspaper for four years. I was a part of student government and I was the Science Quiz Bowl president. I was also in Sports Medicine Club and I was a four year teen consultant for the Food Allergies Network!”

    (Danielle) “I ran track for three years and I was also president of the Spanish club for three years. I also was a part of Science League and I was president of the Spanish National Honor Society. This year, I was captain of Ocean Bowl.”

    Q: Who helped/influenced you through your PHHS life?

    A: (Sam) “This might be surprising, but Mr. Killian was the teacher who influenced me greatly. I wasn’t very interested in math until he made math fun. He challenged me and made me see a bigger picture towards mathematics. I became so interested that I am planning to take math classes in college.

    A: (Danielle) “Miss Macke was an inspiration to me because she did so many great things beside being a “typical teacher.” Since I want to study marine biology, Miss Macke helped me through since she is adamant about oceanology.”


    Q: What advice do you have about time management?

    A: (Sam) “Everyone has their own system of time management that works for them, so it really varies for each person. My best advice is to study in advance and find what works for you. The worst thing to do is save everything for the last minute. Some people say that they barely slept during junior year, but I actually slept full 5-6 hours. Sports actually managed my time very well since I realized to pace my time doing work.”


    Q: What advice would you give to the underclassmen in PHHS?

    A: (Danielle) “In high school, you have to work hard. You also have to start thinking about the future and go after it because there are a lot of opportunities waiting to happen. Do what you do best. If you’re good at academics, go for it; and if you’re not, then just be yourself and pursue your passion. Never give up!”

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