Varsity Star

Briana Setnitzky is one of Hills’ track stars, and in the fall she will be running for Manhattan College. The Division I program has “gone undefeated in the woman’s conference for years on end,” Setnitzky explains.

She began her love for track in the seventh grade, but her talent emerged freshmen year when she was placed on varsity spring track. From then on, she joined the cross-country and winter track teams. A big challenge, Setnitzky admits, was simply being a varsity athlete at such a young age.

“I was so new to high school, [and] it was mentally and physically challenging to play a varsity sport,” Setnitzky describes.

“But I was willing to work and [strive for my best], especially because I knew I could not let the upperclassmen down. The coaches depended on me already, putting me in different, experienced relays, knowing I could pull my weight. That was the most encouraging, but also stressful, component. I used that faith to work hard and not give up. I enjoyed it all—every minute of it.”

Setnitzky smiles as she reminisces about her great memories from Hills’ track teams. She looks forward to playing at a college level with new competitors to make her an even greater athlete. She aspires to one day participate in the Olympics. After college, Setnitzky is contemplating joining the Marines or becoming a journalist/teacher/coach.

The possibilities are endless for Setnitzky, an athlete who truly aspires “to represent not only [herself], but also [her] family with the utmost honor and respect.”

We wish her the best of luck with all of her accolades and accomplishments!