Advice for Seniors

“I’m really nervous about college because I’m not in any honors or AP classes. Do you think that’ll be a problem when searching for a college?”


To be honest, colleges like seeing students scheduling challenging courses. That being said, not everyone is going to take AP or honors level classes. What is important is that you show consistency or, even better, improvement, each year in whatever courses you are taking to demonstrate that you are working hard, no matter what classes you are in. Also, keep in mind that colleges will also look at your extracurricular activities and essays in addition to your academics. Show your dedication and drive through your sport or job, and be a leader in a club or something you are interested. My main advice is to show consistency and improvement in both the academic and extracurricular world. Work hard and do the things you love and you will excel. There are thousands of colleges out there, and there is someplace that will appreciate what you are doing.

Keep in mind that there are always resources available to help you with the college process, including the school guidance department.

This advice is from a student’s perspective, and while you should talk to your peers, you should also talk to adults who know the process well!