Louis Vuitton brings back the 60’s

The 60s are set to have a major moment in fashion during the spring and summer of 2013. During the fashion week in Paris, on October 3, 2012, Marc Jacobs showed off retro styles for the upcoming season in an unforgettable show for Louis Vuitton.

The setting of the runway was truly remarkable and original due to its yellow and white chessboard set, designed by Daniel Buren, and four enormous escalators.

Jacobs sent models in pairs down the escalators wearing checkered, printed, and sheer pieces, many of which were yellow, white, or black.

The show could not help but evoke the 60s look as much of it also consisted of the popular beehive hairdo, low heels, collarless jackets, pencil skirts, and duster coats of the era.

Get ready to see some 60s inspired outfits in your favorite stores next spring and summer.