Paranormal Activity 4 Preview: “The Activity Starts Again”

The Paranormal Activity series continues to terrify viewers with the fourth addition to the series, Paranormal Activity 4. The series began with a low budget film that was “based on true events,” but is now a successful franchise that is preparing to release its fourth film.

This new entry in the series comes to theatres on October 19, 2012. While some characters from the previous movies return to the screen, the film introduces new characters like Alice, this film’s main character, along with her boyfriend, mother, and brother.

Paranormal Activity 4 picks up the story from the end of Paranormal Activity 2, not 3, which was a prequel explaining the backstory of the series. For those who need a refresher, 2 ended with the possessed Katie kidnapping her nephew Hunter.

The newest film of the series begins with Katie and Hunter moving into Alice’s neighborhood. When Alice’s mother brings Hunter into their home while Katie is in the hospital, strange events begin happening to Alice, leading up to the famous scares that have shocked audiences since 2007.

So will this latest movie be the most terrifying yet or will it fail to live up to the hype built by the previous three films?  Paramount Pictures, the distributor of the series, believes this will be the best and most horrifying film yet. Either way, expect Paranormal Activity 4 to be the hit horror movie of this Halloween season.