What’s up with Wieland?


Although many of you are probably aware that Pascack Hills High School has a new vice principal, very few know him personally. You’ve probably seen him high-fiving kids in the hallways, laughing with some teachers or even starting school pride chants. He has already done countless amazing things to improve our school with Mr. DeMarrais. We’ve heard great things from Valley students, but what’s up with Wieland?

Mr. Wieland was a math teacher at our companion (rival) school, Pascack Valley. He is really loving the Hills: “I’m really enjoying my time at Hills. Actually, I don’t regret leaving Valley for a minute.” He’s found Hills students to be more engaging and more fun than he expected.  Everyone was really welcoming “Especially the teachers. Everyone was so nice.” The students are really great and the teachers and administration are very supportive, we’ve made a family for him here at Hills. It was hard for him to leave PV at first because everyone was his family there, but without a doubt, he says that Hills is becoming that family for him, too.

Other than the reason he wanted to be with Hills students (of course), why did he leave Valley in the first place? Mr. Wieland said he wanted to become an administrator at some point in his career. When SVG left and the VP position opened, it was the right chance at the right time. He couldn’t pass up an opportunity, especially to be in the same district!

After growing up in Ramsey, life is a lot different at Hills. Here, Mr. Wieland sees “kids are laughing together in the halls, smiling and holding open doors.” He loves it because it’s so different than other schools.

So, when you’re walking down the hallway and looking to make a new friend, Mr. Wieland is the guy. At PV students and teachers referred to him as “Wheels”.  He’s a Yankee fan, Giant fan, NASCAR fan and Notre Dame fan. He claims that he’s “…probably the only NASCAR fan in the school.” So fans of NASCAR, be sure to seek him out. He loves Ridgemont’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza and stuffed peppers. Give him a wave or just say hi, he’s really friendly!