An Ode to The Chuck Wagon (and the staff too…)

It seems like only a few weeks ago that we first came back to Pascack Hills. With the return to school came the return to sports. Now, however, the fall season has come and gone, and with it all of the great sports that take place during that magnificent time of year. Still, sports are not the only things that come and go with the seasons. It will be another year before anyone is able to enjoy the Pascack Hills legendary Chuck Wagon hotdog.

Over the fall, many football fans congregate on the Pascack Hills bleachers to experience the Friday night lights and cheer on the Cowboys. Often unrecognized, however, is the staff of the Chuck Wagon.

Commonly referred to as “the snack stand,” the Chuck Wagon provides an integral part of the football watching experience and although it may go by unnoticed, it would be sorely missed if it were not able to successfully complete its purpose.

As the season begins and the football players take the field, so do the seniors dedicated to the Chuck Wagon. On the first few hot summer nights, the Chuck Wagon provides hydration in the form of Gatorade and water as well as a wide selection of carbonated beverages. As the colder temperatures begin to hit, the Chuck Wagon is prepared, serving hot chocolate and Cup of Noodles.

Of course throughout the season fans have the ability to taste the world famous “Chuck Wagon Hot Dog.” One fan described it as, “the greatest thing I ever ate,” while another simply said, “These are the only reasons I come to the games.”

Although the school may celebrate Hills spirit and the pep rallies give credit to the student athletes, it is the dedicated men and women of the Chuck Wagon that sacrifice their Friday nights, not out in the spotlight of the field, but in the hot kitchen of the Chuck Wagon.

So, the next time you cheer on a first down, remember the dedicated members of the Chuck Wagon staff are up there, cooking your hot dogs and giving 100% effort all for you, the fan.