Hills and the Hurricane: The PHHS Response to Sandy

On October 29th of this year, Superstorm Sandy struck the Pascack Valley region along with most of the east coast. In our area, Sandy brought down trees on top of homes, streets, and power lines. New Jersey received the brunt of the force with thousands of homes destroyed, especially along the Shore where beaches were reduced 30 to 40 feet after the storm.

New Jersey had the most customers without power: 1,983,694 on November 1st. Some Hills’ students were without power for two whole weeks. Even more tragic was the total of 131 deaths that Sandy caused along the Eastern Seaboard.

With Hurricane Sandy hitting so close to home, the Pascack Hills Community felt the immediate need to get involved in the recovery effort. The Interact students under Mrs. White’s guidance came up with the plan to go from classroom to classroom one-day collecting money.

“It was the fastest way to act,” Mrs. White said, “we raised $510.00 during 2nd period on Tuesday, November 14th.” Interact decided that the American Red Cross was in the best position to put the money to good use and “as soon as possible.”

Along with the collection of money, Interact has an annual food collection at this time each year. “Our food drive has taken on new meaning this year,” said Mrs. White.  “All of the relief agencies report non-perishable food is needed the most.”

Helping Hands Food Pantry in Hillsdale works in conjunction with the other Emergency Food Agencies in New Jersey to provide food where it is needed most. Hills students are asked to bring in paper products, diapers and other toiletries as well as non-perishable food. Donations will be distributed where they are most needed.

On December 19th, Interact, the National Honor Society, PEERS, SGA, Project Paterson, TAC and other school clubs will collaborate on a major fundraising activity in the form of a talent show called Hills Has Talent. All proceeds will be donated to help Hurricane Sandy victims, so join the effort by showing off your talent or being there to support friends and victims of Hurricane Sandy.