Northeastern University

In the city of Boston, things are bustling and ever-exciting. But right in the heart of this exuberant city is the secluded, beautiful campus of Northeastern University. With approximately 15,000 undergraduate students, newly renovated buildings, and a relaxing campus, Northeastern is the perfect school for someone who wants to be near or in a city, but still have the college campus experience. When I visited their Open House this past November, I fell in love!

Not only does Northeastern provide a great environment for their students, but their programs are unique and very strong. With a wide variety of majors, schools and colleges, and activities, any students can find their study area of choice. Northeastern is also illustrious for establishing their Cooperative Education “Co-op” program.

The Co-op program allows students to graduate in five years, but only take four years worth of credits. For two periods (six months each), students may work a real, paying job that provides a credible résumé item.

Having many networks and one (or if you choose, two) year(s) of work experience by the graduation time gives the student a huge advantage over others who only have internship experience. No matter what major you are, you have countless co-op opportunities!

Another program that Northeastern University is proud to offer is the Study Abroad program. With numerous locations around the world that you can choose from, a student can spend their semester abroad either doing service work, taking classes for credits, or even a co-op.

Northeastern has so many options when it comes to majors, clubs and activities, locations to study abroad in, co-op opportunities and has the best of both worlds with a the ideal college city of Boston and a low-key, exclusive campus!

I recommend taking a look, because it is surely hard to beat how well this college prepares their students for their careers.